Lugie and Sean - Bali

In May I was lucky enough to travel to freaking Bali to capture the wonder that was Lugie and Sean’s wedding. The magical Villa Tantangan just north of Canggu is where the festivities took place, the clifftop villa was hidden at the end of a narrow dirt road and in true Bali style there were cows to greet you upon arrival.

I have known Lugie since the start of high school, and I remember her saying “you’re going to shoot my wedding some day” a promise she never forgot obviously and I am glad she didn’t!. What a wonderful thing it is to capture your friends wedding and to witness her marry the man she loves, but don’t worry I didn’t miss out - I put my camera down at the reception and joined in on the festivities (AKA danced my butt off)!

From a heartfelt clifftop ceremony, sunset photos on the beach, a dress change for a grand sparkler entry to a champagne tower at their reception; no detail was spared (even the coconuts had their faces on them!!)

If their wedding was anything to go by Lugie and Sean will have the greatest well planned stylish adventure in life together, there’s no doubt about that!

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
Dr. Seuss”


- Charlotte