Haydn and Caitlin - Mc Grath Estate

Haydn and Caitlin married on the perfect summers day, not a cloud was in the sky! Mc Grath Estate is one of a kind, to arrive at the venue you must take a 5 minute bus trip into the valley on this private property in the Waitakere’s. There isn’t a bad view in sight, beautiful rolling hills and native bush make for a serene backdrop for days festivities. The ceremony took place under a wooden arch with billowing fabric as their guests spread out over the hill on blankets and under umbrellas to watch the magic take place. A perfectly romantic day with so much emphasis on family (there wasn’t a dry eye at the reception when Haydn’s sister got up and sang) and to top it off with I think the most incredible sunset I have ever witnessed - there isn’t much else you can ask for <3

Thank you H & C for having me along and for leaving your dinner half eaten so we could bask in the glory that was the sunset… can we do it again some time?!

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Lao Tzu


- Charlotte

Charlotte Christian