Olivia and Charles - Blush

I felt super privileged to be a part of the secret few who knew about this engagement party, house warming turned surprise wedding - What a way to celebrate!! The engagement party started off at the newly purchased first home of Olivia and Charles, the childhood sweethearts of 10 years with a gathering of their closest family and friends.
Unbeknownst to the majority of the guests two hours in a surprise was sprung, that in approximately an hour and a half their wedding ceremony would take place at the newest Blush Flowers venue followed by a dinner at Augustus. The reactions were priceless and it was a dream to capture, there were no dull moment on this day that’s for sure! Once the springing had been sprung and the invites had been given out we dashed off to the venue to quickly get changed and take some photos in front of the crazy cool cafe Queenies whilst guests watched arrival (all traditionalism out the door on this day). The ceremony felt just right, no pretences or expectations from the guests just love and excitement for this longtime couple. The ceremony finished as the sun was setting - perfect time to head indoors to have a cosy candle lit dinner in the amazing Augustus a few steps up the road.

Sounds like the perfect way to end a winter engagement party-house warming-wedding if you ask me!

“Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me”


- Charlotte

Charlotte Christian