"Photography is the story I fail to put in words" 

Hello, my name is Charlotte

Photographer of people and moments

I love love, people in love, being in love, gestures of love, doing what you love. To live with a full heart is a wonderful thing.

Equally as much I love photography and being able to photograph the beautiful, the imperfect, the crazy and the grittiness of life through my lens.

I think one of the most important things of being a photographer of people is to create a comfortable environment in which authenticity of the moment and subject can be captured. It helps when you are surrounded by a wicked location and beautiful light.

My photography style is a combination of observing and documenting the organic with a little bit of composing when needed – it is not everyday that you are in front of the camera so I will guide you when necessary and also say probably something silly to make you laugh!

It is an incredible honour to be asked to document and share one of the most special days in your life and I don't take the privilege lightly. I do my best to cover every angle of the day and make sure nothing goes a miss - from the little decorations, laughs and the tears, the craziness of the day and the quiet moments in between.

I am based in Auckland, but happily serve all of New Zealand with class and care.

I’m not only an New Zealand Wedding Photographer; I’ll happily follow you across the world to capture your wedding, making New York City and Los Angeles feel like a piece of home as well. Our lives deserve art and evidence, to capture those memories forever. Be it in Auckland, Bali, or beyond, my camera is an extension of our hearts and home.



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